Selected Artists

Congratulations to the artists selected for the Revelation Renaissance 2022 exhibition. These artists were selected among a pool of 200+ applications. Thank you to the Revelation Renaissance 2022 Jury and Curator for their time and effort. 

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Andrew Salcedo

Angee Ferrin

Antonio Santos

Arthur Dawson

Brandon Olson

Carey Sheffield

Carmen Rosa

Casey Wullner

CLJ Lancaster

Corrina Leidy

David Gary Lloyd

Devin Lovett

Donna Dowless

Edson Campos

Erica Brown

Erick Marquez

Graham Oakley

Gwen Kurzen

Ileana Miquilena

Ivelisse Perez

Jill Keller


Joseph Massey

Kathleen Brodeur

Keith Kovach

Libby Smith

Louis Ammirato

Loura Dobbs

Luce Sky

Mark Catacutan

Matthew Cornell

Megan Slack

Micaheal Zimmerer

Mimi Hwang


Nicora Gangi

Omar Carrasquillo

Paulaidan Minerva

Peterson Guerrier

PJ Svejda

Sarah Boraure


Shen Shen Hallaford

Valerie Kelly


Members of the Jury:

Barbara Chandler, Hannibal Square Heritage Center

Brian Carwile, Orchid Medical

Flynn Dobbs, College Park Art Gallery / Art Haus Fine Art Appraisals

Katherine Page, The Mennello Museum of American Art

Terry Olson, Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs


Exhibition Curator:

Loren Buckles

*People’s Choice voting ends at 6:00 p.m. on Friday,
May 13, 2022. The winner will be announced at the
Gospel Brunch Closing Reception on Saturday,
May 14, 2022. For assistance, please visit the CityArts front desk.

Winning Artists/Works

Revelation Renaissance


First Place

Casey Wullner – Tree of Death

Second Place

Peterson Guerrier – Behold

Third Place

PJ Svejda – Crown of Life


During the age of the Renaissance, artists were commissioned by patrons and churches to create works based on interpretations of biblical scenes. The last year has been filled with chaos and turmoil, which led a couple of anonymous local art collectors to re-read the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible. Enlightened by the vivid imagery depicted through words, these art collectors/enthusiasts are sponsoring an art exhibit to feature selected works of art inspired by the Book of Revelation.


39 S Magnolia Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801, USA


Start:  April 23, 2022
End:  May 15, 2022